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Having a good health status is a basic requirement for each human being. If one is healthy, he or she can totally appreciate the good things around him or her. An individual can also attain his or her goal easily if he or she is in a normal health status. When an individual is not healthy, his or her routine activities will be interrupted. Discomforts caused by different manifestations will lead to unrelenting sad mood that may eventually affect the individual’s coping abilities. How would you know if you are really healthy?

You may consider yourself healthy but are considered unhealthy by others. You may also have the idea of what a healthy person looks like and compares this to your own self. Every one of us has our own basis of what is healthy and what is not. What are really the true characteristics of a healthy individual? It is not enough to consider yourself as a healthy individual if you feel that all of your systems are working well (good heart beat, good respiratory status, good blood pressure, etc. ).

To know our health status, we have to check first the whole aspect of a human being. These are the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. The five aspect of a man will help determine whether you are healthy or not. If all the five aspects will work well this means that you are a healthy individual. Any disorders involving one aspect may affect the other dimension of a human being just like, for example, an overweight (physical) person having a low self esteem (emotional) because of his poor body image. How will we know if all the human dimensions are healthy?

As mentioned above, a human being is composed of the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects. To understand the following dimensions with regards to their healthy status, we will discuss them one by one. Let us start first with the physical aspect. This facet involves the different systems found in a human body. These are the circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive system, urinary system, skeletal system, and many more. This dimension is considered healthy if all the systems are working harmoniously and can meet the demands of normal daily activity.

Each system must communicate to other systems to adjust from internal and external changes. The physical aspect of a man must work in balance in order to maintain a good physical health. Just like, for example, if you are having a loose bowel movement, in this case, other organs will adjust by conserving water inside the body like decreasing sweat production and urinary flow to prevent dehydration. Now let us move on to another human dimension, the mental and emotional aspect. A healthy state of mind is observed if an individual can understand situations, solve problems, and generate ideas. Emotional aspect is combined with the mental aspect because they only work in the same unit which is the human brain.

If you have a good and healthy mental and emotional aspect then you are considered to be a positive thinker and can easily appreciate good things around you. You can also accept dissatisfactions with guts. On the other hand, we have the social aspect of a human being. This will help develop your ability to interact with others. Communication is the bridge to social gaps. Therefore, an individual must learn how to communicate with others, whether in verbal or non-verbal means.

If you are socially healthy you will have the ability to get along with other people. You can also understand others through your sensitivity. This aspect needs to be trained by continuous application in our everyday life. The Spiritual dimension is another part of an individual. This is considered as the most diverse element of a human being. This is the one that deals with the faith in God.

You are spiritually healthy if you can manage yourself out from loneliness, depression, and anger through the faith in God. There are different ways to worship depending on the religion, culture, and beliefs. This aspect will provide us the calmness and trust in life. All the human aspects will overlap and cooperate with each other; therefore, if you want a healthy life, you should make sure that all of your dimensions will work cooperatively to achieve the ultimate balance in life.

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