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The institute provides health care services and training programmes in health and rehabilitation related courses . The departments are managed by professionals in their respective field of specialization such as, De-addiction therapist, Psychological Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Nurses, and other professionals. The unique feature of the Institute lies in its treatment techniques, teaching methods and Practical training programmes. The adaptation in native medicine of all race combined with western science of medicine in the treatment of patients brings the best result without side or after effect. There is no gain saying that health care programmes solely based on chemical treatment have potential to cause a great deal of harm.

This is because they treat the body and mind as separate entities, which lacks understanding of the disorder such as addiction as a result of integration between body and mind as a whole. To understand the type of treatment for a chronic drug addiction is first to understand the mechanism of mind and body at work. Applying the traditional medicine as alternative which indeed helped the primitive man get rid of his social psychological problems or ailment without after effect, needs to be taken seriously. This is because the science to tackle the problems of de-addiction which rested only on western science of medication has invariably increase the potential of addiction. This factor should not be overlooked when considering to terminate the real cause of problems in psychological ailment.

Our institute research team therefore is committed to engage in the study of valuable knowledge concerning prehistoric to modern health care ranging from meditation, counseling, support group, rehabiltation, massage, native and western medication are blended for the best result for treatment. Last, but not least, the mission of the institute, by NIG Delta Professional Asia Foundation, is to vigorously engage in social research and development and to remain a suitable body deem fit to support Institutions, and Organizations worldwide in solving social, economic and cultural issues affecting the people in Asia and Africa in a transperant manner in order to overcome the inevitable barriers and protocols. Email us at or nidepaf2006@yahoo. co.

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